It's Termination Day; the day the medical staff decide whether or not to turn off the life support system linked to coma patient Gabriel Radford. They are unaware that he is suffering from 'locked-in' syndrome and is conscious but unable to respond.

On a warm summer' s evening, just over two months ago, Gabriel fell down the cellar steps at his home. He'd spent the morning at his tennis club, drunk too much at the bar and had come home to sober up to be ready for the small party his wife, India, had arranged for the evening.

It was late when it happened; if he hadn't carried on drinking, if he'd replaced the threadbare carpet on the cellar staircase, if he'd treated his attacker differently it might never have happened.

It was an accident, everyone at the party agreed. There was no evidence to suggest otherwise. Only Gabriel and the person who had pushed him down the cellar stairs knew otherwise.

There are signs that he is starting to recover from his locked-in state, but will he recover sufficiently enough to speak before his life is terminated?

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