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K J Rabane Why Kill Apple Orchard?

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The latest in the Richie Steven’s

Investigates series (book 5)

When The Snow Came

WHEN THE SNOW CAME is the fifth novel in the Richie Stevens investigates series. The Weston case has always bothered Richie and when there is a chance to re-open the case he jumps at it.

Annie Troughton has a secret, which she is desperate to hide, John Banks fears his wife Katie is damaged by her past, a child adopted at birth has killed a cat and another searches for his mother. All these characters are linked to the woman who is living a quiet life in Lockford on the south coast of England, where Richie Stevens has his office. All of them have a motive to commit a murder.

Richie’s investigations into the Weston case are complicated by his unspoken feelings for his assistant Sandy Smith whom he fears is about to leave and seek work in London.