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K J Rabane Who is   K J Rabane?

K.J. Rabane has written for local newspapers, had short stories published in magazines and an anthology of Crime fiction, in addition to which she's co-written sample scripts for an on-going drama series, which is ready for submission. She is also a commissioned contributor to the Food & Drink Guide and works as a freelance 'extra' for film and television productions.

         Her main interest is in writing Crime fiction and psychological thrillers but her novel According to Olwen is the exception. She has also written her first story for children. All her books are full of idiosyncratic characters and her crime fiction novels are plot driven. Her poem Luminous socks was a finalist in the 2012 All Wales Poetry Competition and Who is Sarah Lawson? reached the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013 Competition Quarter Finals and features Private Investigator Richard Stevens and his PA Sandy Smith, both of whom appear in her novel Where is Jason Rayner.

         To check out a comprehensive list of reviews on all of K.J.Rabane's books visit and check back to this website from time to time for news of her latest projects.